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Ubivio, part of Hexicor, is the future of IoT Managed Services.

Through our exceptional expertise, we have become a trusted provider of top-tier solutions to a wide range of clients in Queensland, including local councils, transportation organisations, and enterprise businesses. 

Our track record of delivering outstanding results has solidified our position as a leading IoT service provider. At our core, we redefine how organisations manage and interpret data from connected devices and human interaction – unlocking growth, efficiency, and safety opportunities.  

As demands evolve, we innovate, empowering clients to make evidence-based decisions.  

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on recognising the unique needs and challenges of each organisation we collaborate with.  That’s how we provide tailored solutions that leverage the latest IoT technologies, driving measurable impact and results.  But our commitment to our clients doesn’t stop at solution delivery. We go above and beyond to provide unparalleled support throughout the entire process.  Ubivio is a future where IoT is integrated into every aspect of modern life, transforming how we live, work, and interact.  Committed to excellence, integrity, and innovation – we create a smarter, safer and more connected world. 

Vehicle and Asset Telemetry

We specialise in managed services that utilise advanced solutions to monitor, analyse, and optimise fleet performance. Real-time tracking, remote diagnostics, and predictive maintenance enhance safety and efficiency.

Worker Safety Solutions

We prioritise employee safety with tailored solutions using IoT. Real-time worker monitoring ensures rapid incident response, fostering safety and accountability.

Data Analysis and Augmentation

DataScope is a platform that enables unique insights into data generated by connected devices and human interactions. This validates expectations of your connected devices or describes change based on real time evidence. As DataScope expands across industries, multiple anonymous data points are created that provide operating excellence benchmarks  

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